A good news jar

A good news jar is a great project to start off the year. It is also a fantastic way to capture, appreciate and relive happy memories, achievements, fun times and unforgettable experiences. Find a large jar or tin to keep all of your ‘happy moments’ safe and then at a specific time each day, (set the alarm or a reminder on your phone), write the date and a brief description of what you did and how it felt on bright squares of paper and pop them into your ‘Good News Jar’. For example;

“01/01/2023 I took my children to the park and watched them have fun”
“02/01/2023 I complimented someone on the perfume they were wearing”
“03/01/2023 I am grateful for owning a raincoat as it kept me dry”

As the days go by the jar/tin will slowly fill and then at the end of the year, you can gift yourself by reading out all the beautiful things you have noted through the year. You might even like to stick each memory into a diary or notebook to keep for years to come. We promise you that once you have done this once, you will want to repeat it every year.



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