Is it really rejection?

Everyone experiences what feels like rejection at some time in their lives. Maybe you didn’t get that job you wanted, or you have been made redundant. Perhaps someone you were interested in didn’t respond to your message or perhaps your partner ended your relationship. Did you feel rejected by a parent or sibling, maybe even a friend?

All of the above (as well as many other scenarios) can knock your self-confidence for miles and leave you feeling rejected. Many of us will immediately take things like this personally and assume that it is because we are not good enough. This affects not just our confidence but also self-esteem, self-worth and the way we may avoid future situations fearing the same thing happening again.

The reality is, a rejection is not in fact what it seems. We would like you to consider that there are many factors that contribute to the behaviours of other people towards you, which actually, involve their circumstances and not you personally. Firstly, try changing your perspective. It is not rejection by any means, it is that someone underappreciated you. Here are some examples:

If you were turned down for a job, it may be that someone underappreciated your potential, or perhaps you didn’t get the time to put across all your amazing qualities in the interview. Therefore, the information you gained from this,  is invaluable because it is an indication that if you had been appointed, it is likely you would have been underappreciated for your work. This then goes on to give you the freedom to pursue something you will be appreciated and valued in.

If a partner ended your relationship, it may be that they underappreciated you and the great things you have done. If someone was unfaithful to you, their behaviour is unacceptable and this is a reflection of their insecurities. You deserve to be loved and treated with respect so if someone underappreciates you or treats you badly, their ‘rejection’ is a positive as it will then enable you to move forward and find someone who will see your amazing qualities and will love you for who you are.

If you feel rejected by family or friends, it’s likely to be because of their circumstances and what is going on in their lives. Look at their rejection as an opportunity to surround yourself with others that make you feel safe, valued, and loved.

Acknowledge the fact that sometimes ‘rejection’ needs to be reframed as something positive, something that gives you a push to move forward in a different direction, something that opens new doors to new opportunities enabling you to grow to your full potential and be treated the way you deserve.



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