Is it really rejection?

Everyone experiences what feels like rejection at some time in their lives. Maybe you didn’t get that job you wanted, or you were let go from the one you have. If someone you were interested in didn’t respond to your message or perhaps your partner ended your relationship. Did you feel rejected by a parent or sibling, maybe even a friend?

Once we feel rejected, we can immediately take it personally and assume that it is because we are not good enough. This affects confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and the way we may avoid future situations in fear of feeling rejected again.

The reality is, a rejection is not in fact what it seems. There are many factors that contribute to the behaviours of other people towards you, and it involves their circumstances and not you personally.

Firstly, consider It is not rejection, it is that someone under appreciated you.

With this new perspective in mind, now look at examples where this applies.

  • If you didn’t get that job, it may be that someone under appreciated your potential. Therefore, the information you gained from this ‘rejection’ is invaluable because it is an indication that if you were appointed by that person, they are likely to have under appreciated your work. This gives you the freedom to pursue something you will be appreciated and valued in.
  • If a partner ended your relationship, it may be that they under appreciated you and the great things you have done. If someone was unfaithful to you, their behaviour is unacceptable and this is a reflection of their insecurities. You deserve to be loved and treated with respect so if someone under appreciates you or treats you badly, their ‘rejection’ is a positive as it will then enable you to find someone who will appreciate your amazing qualities, and will love you for who you are.
  • If you feel rejected by family or friends, even though it may appear personal, it’s likely to be because of their circumstances and how they feel about themselves and they may be struggling with something that they haven’t shared with anyone. 

Acknowledge that if you weren’t ‘rejected’, you may still be in situations where you are underappreciated, and that relationship, job or person is what is holding you back from better circumstances where you could be a lot happier.

Understand that no matter what you feel rejected from, you will always find more suitable circumstances where you will grow to your full potential and be treated the way you deserve.



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Is it really rejection?

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