Permanent changes mark temporary emotions.

Consider the permanency

Body modifications are available to us to express our individuality and our creativity. They can help improve people’s confidence when the process is properly conducted by a trained professional and carefully considered by the client.

Unfortunately, it is also possible to make choices as a result of a negative event or negative thoughts, inevitably resulting in feelings of regret.

The perspective of a Tattoo artist

“Since I began tattooing over 14 years ago, I have met some remarkable people that had their own individual reasons for being in the chair. With each person, before the process began, I was keen to get an insight into their story and not just what they wanted but why they wanted it. Almost every time, they opened up and it was apparent the positive and profound change this piece of art was going to have on their lives. Sometimes they were making positive changes, remembering someone they loved or commemorating a significant time in their lives. When they looked in the mirror at the new addition to their skin and I saw their eyes light up, it was a privilege to witness knowing I played a small role in contributing to that moment.

With all the experiences of being part of people’s joy, many people came through those doors because sadness brought them there. Those were going to be different and most of those stories resulted in them leaving without getting anything done,I knew they needed someone to listen and get them a glass of water, to reassure them that they needed time and not a tattoo”


Making permanent changes to your body when you are feeling negative can have a detrimental impact on your mental health. On days when you may be feeling good, you have a permanent reminder on your skin of that day you felt that way. 

If you are thinking of changing or modifying your appearance, ask yourself..what are you unhappy with and why? 

Is it irrational? Who or what made you feel that way? Are you doing it to emulate someone or to impress someone? Do you feel pressured by someone into making changes to your appearance?

Remember that if you are feeling negative, making changes will not resolve the issue and consider that a permanent modification may be irreversible.

Body modifications will only be a positive experience if you have a healthy mindset and have positive reasons for choosing them.

Please Note: If you are embarking on any journey of body modification, be mindful to choose a reputable qualified professional and do your research on their work. i.e photos of their work and positive feedback etc.



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