Post-Holiday Blues

There is often a countdown and period of preparation before a holiday. The build-up to going away is often busy and exciting. Unfortunately, when you return home it may feel like there is nothing to look forward to for a while which can cause a low mood and a general feeling of deflation. The great news is, that there are many ways to combat those post-holiday blues.

  • You may consider planning something for when you return home. For Example a “post-holiday party” or a small get-together with good friends where you talk about the great memories you made and share photos from the trip. It could even be a great opportunity to discuss ideas for future holidays.
  • The return to work may feel difficult, but consider how great work is because it enables you to afford these wonderful experiences that give you amazing memories.
  • Did something inspire you on holiday that you would love to learn to do when you return home? Perhaps you’d love to learn how to swim? Learn to drive? Or maybe create new recipes? Not only would these benefit your daily life, but they would also enable you to participate in more activities on your next holiday! Maybe you saw someone on holiday with a hairstyle or clothes you love and you are ready for a change that could boost your confidence?
  • Consider that the happiness a holiday brings doesn’t have to end when you step off the plane or return home, the memories can be documented by printing those holiday photos and adding them to a holiday journal, write down highlights from your trip. This is great to look back on, but will also be great to add future holiday memories too.
  • When you do arrive home, reach out to others and explain how you’re feeling. You are not alone and there are likely to be many at work, school or university experiencing those post-holiday blues too!
  • And finally, remember that holidays don’t begin when you start the journey or get on your transport, the real excitement begins when you start planning it. Therefore, write down the places you’d love to visit in the future, set goals and start planning your next trip. This way you will be reminded that there is ALWAYS something to look forward to.



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