The power of the pen

According to a study, people can have at least 6,000 thoughts in one day. These thoughts can consist of hopes, fears and everyday tasks. It can quite often be overwhelming to process so many thoughts, as a result, worries may escalate and goals or tasks may seem unachievable.

One way to help manage these thoughts is to write them down. This way, you can see what’s written down and what exactly needs your attention, enabling you to have a clearer perspective on how you can address it.

  • A to-do list shows you everything you need to do and you will feel a sense of achievement when you put a tick next to each one you accomplish.
  • Writing your goals down documents things you would like to achieve and when you’d like to achieve them. You can break them down into small manageable steps.
  • When you write down everything that is worrying you, it can immediately take the power away from the problems. Stopping the momentum of the thoughts and their ability to be intrusive or catastrophic. You can then ascertain the things that are out of your control, giving you an opportunity to develop a problem-solving strategy for things that you can address.
  • Give each worry or intrusive thought a post-it. Spread each piece of paper out on the table then one by one work through them finding solutions. We have a great resource to help you do this here: Work out your worries.
  • Writing down things you are grateful for, positive affirmations and a ‘wow’ list of the amazing things you’ve done can boost your mood and reinforce how amazing you are!

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