Where would you like to be this time next year?

👉 Have you ever asked yourself where you would like to be this time next year?

👉 If you don’t know where you are going, how do you know which direction to take?

👉 How can you appreciate and enjoy it when you get there?

Basically, if you stick to the same routine every day on autopilot, living from one day to the next, you will continue to obtain the same results and experiences. “If nothing changes, nothing changes”.

Tragedy doesn’t lie in not reaching your goals, tragedy is when you have no goals set to reach.

Creating the content of your life is like going on a shopping trip. How many times have you been to the supermarket without a shopping list, only to return with bags of things you didn’t really need and having forgotten half the things you went for in the first place?  If you go to the supermarket with a shopping list, you’ll come home with everything you need (or a close alternative).

Goal-setting is like writing your life’s shopping list and is paramount to success. It can be unbelievably life-changing.

It’s sometimes hard to think about what your heart really desires because we are so conditioned to put other people first and not to be selfish. A fantastic exercise to help you to express your true ambitions is to imagine that you are a child looking forward to Christmas and writing a wishlist to Father Christmas.
Children never consider the possibility of not being able to have something, as they have no concept of the costs involved.

Absolutely anything is possible and your size, weight, academic capabilities, family and confidence levels are all irrelevant. The key is NOT to think rationally, and that way you will be less hesitant about saying what you want. 

The best way to change your life’s direction is by setting and achieving goals. What are you waiting for? Start setting goals now… 



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