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HASP Programme

At Trauma Research UK, we believe that trauma and trauma-related disorders that cause an array of anxiety disorders such as GAD, phobias, panic attacks, OCD, eating disorders, PTSD etc. can be successfully overcome.

Even if you have lived with them for many, many years, we can provide the tools and techniques needed to break anxiety-inducing habits and create new ways of thinking.

This programme has been designed to be simple, effective and most importantly life-changing.

This exclusive service is tailored for members, ensuring swift access with no waiting time.

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Single Mentoring Session

Here at Trauma Research UK, our belief is, ‘it’s not what’s wrong with you, it’s what happened to you’. With this philosophy, we believe that everyone can successfully overcome their mental health issues if given the right help and support.

In this single 40-minute session of mentoring via Zoom, one of our trained mentors will explain how you can break the anxiety-inducing habits you might have been carrying around for years and create new ways of thinking that we are confident will transform your life for the better.

There is no waiting time for this service.  

Monthly Support Meets

Continue to upgrade your journey to a better life with our optional 6-Month Support Plan, designed to follow the 6-Week Recovery Programme.

Our dedicated mentors will meet with you once a month to discuss your progress and address any challenges you may face. With our continued guidance, information, and suggestions, you can continue to transform your life and create the fulfilling future you’ve always wanted.

A grounding / relaxation message to take you from Crisis 2 Calm in minutes

This recording will take you from crisis to calm in just a few minutes.

Whether it is a panic attack, anxiety or general feelings of uneasiness you are experiencing, let us help return your focus to the present moment and smooth any unpleasant emotions you may be battling with.

You can also listen to this message at bedtime to help relax your body and mind for a peaceful night’s sleep.