Don't let the day end without saying 'thank you'

By being grateful on a daily basis you will help to put your anxieties and problems into perspective. Changing the way you see things is not always easy, but with practice, you will soon notice a difference. Gratitude rewires your brain to look at the world in a different way. Whilst we are socially conditioned to complain it is really important to realise how much you actually have and how much you are capable of.

Living each day with gratitude helps you notice the small things – a sunny day, a smile from a stranger, flowers blooming in your garden, the crunch of fresh snow under your feet, the list is endless. Each of these small moments when added together creates a sense of well-being and will leave you noticing all that is good around you. 

Gratitude should begin at the start of the day from the moment you successfully wake up. This could include lying in bed and thinking how lucky you are to have simple things such as your home,the clothes you wear, gadgets, friends and family.

Concentrate on finding solutions instead of worrying over problems. Ask yourself, “What can I do to make things better right now?” or  “What is one thing that is good about this situation?”

When you’re just about to fall asleep think about three things that were absolutely amazing in the day. Even on anyone’s worst day there are still positives. And if we focus on those it can transform our mindset.

Our top tips to get started:

  • When you first wake up, be aware of your comfy bed and warm covers. Think of the lovely people you have in your life and the goals you want to achieve throughout the day. If you start your morning in a place of high positivity even if things happen during your day that you cannot control and make you sad, your emotions will not drop quite as low.
  • As soon as you start your day make sure you focus on solutions and not problems. It is a fact that, if we focus on problems, we will get more problems. If we focus on solutions, we will get more solutions.
  • Accept thanks and give thanks. When you receive a compliment, say thank you and mean it. By accepting a compliment gracefully, you are showing gratitude. By giving compliments you are taking more notice of the good things that surround you.
  • Even the most difficult of days have benefits. The silver lining might be harder to find, but it is there somewhere. Even making mistakes, teaches you a lesson.
  • Keep a gratitude diary. Note down all the things you are grateful for each day. This will improve your mood and give you an overall feeling of well-being. It is also a great resource to look at when times are not so good. Use our downloadable Gratitude Diary to get you started.

Gratitude is always the best attitude