Love Yourself

You are amazing and don't let anyone tell you different

The person you believe yourself to be, good or bad, is the person you tell the world, family, friends and work colleagues you are. Love and respect yourself so that you can be loved and respected in return. No one is born with high or low self-esteem so if you have low self-esteem, ask yourself who made you feel that way? Challenge those memories and the person that made you feel that way. Were they right? Are they always right? Are they a part of your life today? 

If so, they could be negatively affecting your mood and detrimentally impacting your mental health in more ways than you might realise. Sometimes it can be difficult to identify these individuals, so here are a few key warning signs.

  1. They constantly put you down
  2. Whatever you do or say is wrong
  3. They always leave you feeling emotionally drained
  4. They give you back-handed compliments
  5. They’re always judging you
  6. They intimidate you
  7. They try and control you
  8. They’re always making you feel guilty about something


If any of these indicators resonate with you when you’re thinking about someone currently in your life, maybe now is the time is to evaluate who they might be, do you really want to keep them in your life? Perhaps it is time to start distancing yourself from such negative vibes?

Now, allow yourself to see yourself from the eyes of those who love and adore you. Write a list of these people and consider why they love you. You can even ask them to list on paper the qualities they see in you. Also write a list of all the kind things you have done, the people you made smile, and the special people in your life who are always there, no matter what. Read your list often to remind yourself just how special you are. 

Learn to love yourself as you should by using these tips

  • Treat yourself as you would your best friend. Be conscious of the way you talk to yourself, would you speak to your friend like that? Learn to compliment yourself.
  • Learn to accept compliments instead of brushing them aside, thank the person and smile.
  • Avoid comparing yourself to others. Remember that everyone is fighting their own battle and what people share, (especially on social media) is not their true self.
  • Practice assertiveness. Learn to say no, this doesn’t have to be in an abrupt way but perhaps use phrases like: “Sorry, but I really don’t have time this week” or “Unfortunately, I am going to have to decline on that one”.
  • Celebrate the small things. Achieving goals no matter how small is a good way to boost your self-esteem. Give yourself praise and even make a note of small successes.
  • Look after yourself. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep, take a look at your diet and exercise routine, consider Goal Setting and have a go at Mindfulness.

If you would like to chat with one of our mentors on how you can build up your self-esteem, reduce anxiety as well as make healthy life changes Read more…