Mirror Therapy

Look in the mirror, that is the person responsible for your happiness

Look in the mirror and write down everything that you see and everything that you say to yourself.

  • How do you describe yourself?
  • How do you describe your appearance?
  • How do you describe the person you see looking back at you?

It is likely that you will notice there will be a lot of derogatory and negative comments.

Read the list aloud and imagine that you are saying this to a stranger, and then to a friend. Would that feel comfortable? If not why not?

Notice how saying the things you are saying about yourself to a friend or a stranger would be unacceptable, inappropriate and unkind.

If it is unacceptable, inappropriate and unkind to insult a friend or a stranger, then how can it be acceptable or appropriate to speak to yourself like that? Knowing it’s highly unlikely that you are nasty or rude purposefully, accept it is not in your nature to insult anyone that should include yourself.

Next, consider someone who loves you or who loved you unconditionally, this could be a partner, parent, child, grandparent or even a pet.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself floating into the body of this person or pet. See yourself through their eyes, see all the qualities they see when they look at you, feel the love they feel when they look at you.

When you can really feel the warmth and unconditional love when seeing yourself through the eyes of a loved one, slowly open your eyes, smile and see yourself for the first time with the love and respect you have earned and deserve.

Now note down some positive things that a loved one might say to you, eg: “You are always there for me”, “I love spending time with you”, “Thank you for listening to my problems”. Keep this list handy, not just to add to, but to look back on in times of need.

How To Live A Happier Life

Sometimes it may feel like an uphill struggle, but wow, wait until you see the view from the top

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