Help & Support Programme

Help & Support Programme

At Trauma Research UK, we believe that trauma and trauma-related disorders that cause an array of anxiety disorders such as GAD, phobias, panic attacks, OCD, eating disorders, PTSD etc. can be successfully overcome. Even if you have lived with them for many, many years, there are steps you can take to overcome the pain and the symptoms,  as well as regain your sense of emotional balance and general well-being. 

This is a six-week, online programme with one of Trauma Research UK’s trained mentors. It provides the tools and techniques needed to break anxiety-inducing habits and create new ways of life-transforming thinking. 

To get on top of your issues, you need first to locate the triggers and then challenge them. This is not always easy to do alone. This is why this programme has been designed to be simple, effective and most importantly life-changing.

If you are a member, this is a FREE service. Please reserve your programme here Member’s Recovery Programme

If you are not a member then this programme is available for a minimum donation of £29.