The Reasoning Technique

When we are overcome by fear, anxiety or panic, we are immersed in our symptoms and as a result it is difficult to see it from a different perspective. It might feel like you are drowning in negativity. By reasoning with yourself you are providing evidence that your beliefs are misleading.  


Question your belief. Ask yourself what is really going on, what is your belief and is this belief true? Look for evidence, as to why your belief is not true, and then ask would you ever believe something you knew was incorrect.

Try looking at the starting event of your phobia, trauma, panic or anxiety once more from an objective third-party perspective, and ask yourself how else could you have interpreted that event more positively. Finally consider why you would be victimising and blaming the thing that is causing your issue? 

If you haven’t already done so, it is vital that you complete a timeline of your life events and work to alter your perception of the negative events to help reduce your anxiety. Go to Timeline…

Recovery Programme

At Trauma Research UK, we believe that trauma and trauma-related disorders that cause an array of anxiety disorders such as GAD, phobias, panic attacks, OCD, eating disorders, PTSD etc. can be successfully overcome.

Even if you have lived with them for many, many years, we can provide the tools and techniques needed to break anxiety-inducing habits and create new ways of thinking.

This programme has been designed to be simple, effective and most importantly life-changing.

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