About Us

We are Trauma Research UK

Our team consists of dedicated individuals committed to making a difference...

Our Mission:

  • Fund research into new ways to successfully alleviate trauma.
  • Promote the relief and rehabilitation of persons affected by trauma and subsequently suffering from trauma-related disorders that cause anxiety disorders, panic attacks, eating disorders, PTSD …
  • Advance the study & practice of trauma care. 
  • Offer support and recovery services to those who are struggling.
  • Educate & train medical professionals & mental health professionals in the treatment of persons suffering from crisis or trauma.
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Our aim:

Our aim is to challenge the foundation of an individual’s core beliefs and their negative behavioural patterns by providing them with the tools and techniques needed to overcome perceived, incurable mental health diagnoses such as anxiety disorders, phobias, panic attacks, eating disorders, PTSD, etc.   We believe that all mental health issues are symptoms of prior trauma; that trauma being contextual and based upon cognitive development at the age the trauma was experienced.