Help & Support Programme

How our Programme Can Help You

This six-week online programme is designed to help you break free from anxiety-inducing habits and create new, life-transforming ways of thinking. Led by one of Trauma Research UK’s trained mentors, you’ll receive the tools and techniques needed to overcome pain and symptoms, as well as regain your sense of emotional balance and general well-being.

Working closely with your personalised mentor in one-to-one sessions via Zoom, you’ll receive tailored support and guidance in identifying triggers and confronting them head-on. Our practical and effective approach will empower you to take back control and transform your life by setting and achieving your goals.

We understand the profound challenges that individuals may face while living with conditions including GAD, phobias, panic attacks, OCD, eating disorders, PTSD, out-of-context anxiety and other related struggles. However, we firmly believe that these disorders should not dictate one’s identity or curtail their capacity to lead a contented and meaningful life.

More information

Once you become a member, all of our services are at your disposal for free. This includes our highly succesful Help & Support Programme, as well as ongoing monthly support after the initial six weeks have concluded.

Upon becoming a member, you will receive a simple form to complete. Here, you can indicate which days of the week and times are most convenient for your weekly sessions. Additionally, we will inquire about the specific challenges you are facing so we can pair you with a mentor best suited to your needs.

It’s worth noting that all of our mentors at the charity have overcome mental health issues themselves and are now fully trained and committed to helping others do the same. While we would love to offer our services entirely free of charge, we do need to request the small fee of £30 to cover administrative expenses.