What does the Trauma Research UK Help & Support Programme consist of?

Inspired by The Speakman's Schema Conditioning Therapy®, this programme is delivered online via Zoom over a period of six, 30-minute weekly sessions with one of our trained mentors. The programme is designed to help break anxiety-inducing habits that might have been carried around for years and help create new ways of thinking that we are confident will transform your life for the better. We aim to assist you in challenging flawed memories by using overwhelming and varied factual contra-evidence and by conditioning or changing misinterpreted beliefs.

What does the Trauma Research UK Single Mentoring Session consist of?

In this single 40-minute session of mentoring via Zoom, one of our trained mentors will explain how you can break the anxiety-inducing habits you might have been carrying around for years and create new ways of thinking that we are confident will transform your life for the better.

I have tried everything, how do I know Trauma Research UK can help me?

Although it may feel like you have tried everything, we'd like you to consider that: The things you have tried so far,have not worked for you personally. This brings the great news that the thing that will work for you has not been explored yet, but the answer is there. At Trauma Research UK, we believe "It's not what's wrong with you, it's what happened to you" If you are not born with something, you can absolutely overcome it. To get on top of your issues, you need to first challenge the triggers. By doing this, you will address the associated thoughts and beliefs that are very likely to be feeding your problem. At Trauma Research UK, we understand that this is not always easy to do alone. Which is why our recovery programme has been designed to be simple, effective and most importantly life-changing. Whatever you learn throughout life creates schemas (similar to uploading a programme onto a computer) this goes into a database within your brain. Your brain then stores these schemas and will refer back to them when need be or triggered. (Just like reopening a computer programme by clicking a mouse). It will use the schemas for specific acts, behaviours and reactions, whether good or bad. The only way to delete or override a learnt belief is to condition or change the behavioural schema for a different highly emotional experience or receive new information or overwhelming evidence. Everyone can get better and everyone deserves the opportunity to live a happier life.

I have had an issue for many years, does this mean it will take me years to overcome it?

The great news is how long it takes you to overcome something is not in correlation with how long you have had it. In fact, you can change your belief about something as efficiently as it was installed. By having a different understanding of a traumatic event, you can immediately begin to feel better about it, thus alleviating symptoms of anxiety that accompany it. Sadly, many people use the term "Deep-Rooted" to describe what they are suffering from, when in fact It is not deep-rooted, it just means they have had it for a long time. Consider the analogy of a friendship. Two people may have been friends for many years, but if one friend did something to hurt the other, it could end the friendship abruptly.

I would like help, but I feel anxious about speaking with a mentor.

We understand that the idea of talking to someone about your issues may seem daunting, but consider how good you could feel by discussing things you are struggling with. Our mentors are friendly, empathetic and non-judgemental and are there to deliver tools and techniques which can help you live a happier life. You may even wish to share with your mentor that you are feeling apprehensive about talking to someone and they will be happy to reassure you and endeavour to make you feel comfortable throughout your session.