Do you fear going to the dentist?

Are you enduring toothache or any other dental issue due to your fear of going to the dentist? Well, you are not alone! According to


He said it was our secret

(⚠️ Trigger warning! This story is one of our service user’s experience as a child and contains extracts referring to childhood sexual abuse). As children

Mental Health

Is it really rejection?

Everyone experiences what feels like rejection at some time in their lives. Maybe you didn’t get that job you wanted, or you have been made


What a panic attack feels like

Imagine feeling the most wretched, the most poorly and in the most pain that you think you can bear… Top that off with sweating, vomiting

Mental Health

Unwanted thoughts

Unwanted thoughts can present themselves unexpectedly and in a repetitive manner, causing you to obsess about them. They may include reminders of a painful upsetting


Back-to-school anxiety

Every September, the new school term can bring about mixed feelings for students and parents alike. Whether it’s the first day at primary school, the

Mental Health

Post-Holiday Blues

There is often a countdown and period of preparation before a holiday. The build-up to going away is often busy and exciting. Unfortunately, when you


Does the heat leave you anxious?

While many people are celebrating the presence of the sunshine with days at the seaside or meeting up with friends and family for barbecues, some


Over worrying

Everyone worries sometimes. This is perfectly normal; in some circumstances, worrying can prompt you to take action and step out of your comfort zone. However,


Tips to reduce panic attacks

Living with panic attacks can be extremely challenging, however, you are not alone. Here at Trauma Research UK, our belief is, ‘it’s not what’s wrong with you, it’s what happened to you’. With this philosophy, we believe that everyone can successfully overcome their mental health issues if given the right help and support.